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School of nursing

We believe that balancing personal growth and professional development is the key to a successful career. We offer flexible, convenient healthcare programs in Professional Nursing, Practical Nursing, and Medical Assistant. These programs will allow you to grow personally and professionally through your studies.


Admission is the first place a student goes when visiting AHI. Here, the student will be greeted by an Admission Officer.


An externship is a valuable means of gaining insights into the daily routines of professionals within your chosen field. It provides individuals with the chance to explore a career through job shadowing and hands-on experience in real medical settings.

Monthly Payments

American Healthcare Institute facilitates payment methods and offers a monthly payment option.

Employment Assistant

The Job Placement Department is committed to assisting students and alumni with employment, although no guarantee of employment can be made.

Our Programs

Associate of Science in Nursing.

The Nursing program at the American Healthcare Institute is dedicated to achieving excellence within the State of Florida. Students will collaborate with faculty to acquire the necessary skills for licensure and to become safe, competent, and effective professionals. Through cooperative teamwork, our nursing students will be well-prepared for entry-level nursing roles. They will demonstrate safe nursing practices, respect cultural diversity, and promote healthy habits for overall wellness and improved quality of life.

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Practical Nursing.

This program is designed to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge required for licensure as practical nurses. It encompasses a comprehensive curriculum featuring theoretical instruction, hands-on clinical experience, and clinical simulations. The program covers various aspects of nursing, including medical-surgical nursing, pharmacology, medication administration, geriatric and long-term care nursing, as well as obstetrical and pediatric nursing. Successful graduates of this program are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-PN state board examination, which is the pathway to becoming licensed practical nurses.

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Medical Assistant

This program prepares graduates for roles as licensed practical nurses (LPNs). It encompasses a well-rounded curriculum that covers theoretical instruction, clinical experience, and clinical simulations in diverse nursing domains such as medical-surgical nursing, pharmacology, medication administration, geriatric and long-term care nursing, and obstetrical and pediatric nursing.Those who successfully complete the program are qualified to sit for the NCLEX-PN state board examination, paving the way for them to become licensed practical nurses.

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English as a Second Language/Ingles como Segundo Idioma

ESL courses offer a fantastic chance to learn a new language. You can learn at your own speed and discover the culture connected to the language. Plus, you can make friends with fellow learners and practice in a supportive setting. Our dynamic course will help you become a confident English speaker quickly.

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