Practical Nursing Program.

Program Description:

This program prepares graduates for employment as licensed practical nurses. The program includes but is not limited to theoretical instruction, clinical experience and clinical simulation in medical-surgical nursing, pharmacology and medication administration, geriatric and long-term care nursing, and obstetrical and pediatric nursing. Graduates are eligible to take the NCLEX-PN state board examination to become licensed practical nurses.

Graduation Requirements:

The student must comply with the following requirements in order to receive a diploma.

Practical Nursing Program Outcome Competencies:

  • Demonstrate behaviors that comply with rules and statutes set forth in the Nurse Practice Act of the State of Florida.
  • Apply nursing principles to meet the daily physical, social and psychological needs of the patient.
  • Perform nursing measures with accuracy, safety and efficiency, consistent with current nursing concepts and practices in different health care settings.
  • Function as a responsible member of the nursing team concerned with basic therapeutic, rehabilitative and preventative care for persons of all ages and diverse cultures.
  • Demonstrate professional competencies consistent with the practical nursing code of ethics.
  • Demonstrate appropriate employability skills.
  • Perform organizational skills in following the patient’s plan of care in completing patient care assignments.
  • Assist in the restorative care for patients with specific needs to reach their optimal level of independence.
  • Demonstrate effective employability skills in work ethics.


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All Program Idea

Program Set
Title Credits Course TypeTotal hours Course
Medical Terminology 45 0 45PN 101
Introduction to Nursing 50 50 100 PN 102
Long Term Care Nursing Assistant 75 35 110 PN 103
Anatomy and Physiology 90 0 90 PN 104
Fundamentals of Nursing 80 80 160 PN 105
Pharmacology and Intravenous Therapy Skills 40 50 90PN 106
Medical Surgical Nursing I 90 140230 PN 107
Medical Surgical Nursing II 90 140 230 PN 108
Maternal Newborn Nursing 30 45 75 PN 109
Pediatric Nursing 30 45 75 PN 110
Mental Health Concepts 20 50 70PN 111
Community Health 10 20 30 PN 112
Transition to Practice 20 4545 PN 113